Redesign of NASA’s SPACE 365 application

As a creative exercise, I recently decided to redesign an existing iPhone application. I selected NASA’s 365 Application because I am familiar with the information in the app, and the app was definitely in need of some user interface and structural changes.

Step 1: Initial Assessment of Existing App

Below is the app’s original welcome screen (with and without the launch screen’s instructions), noting the problems I identified in my initial user assessment:

Review comments on iTunes yielded similar complaints about the lack of NASA branding and the overall structure of the app.

Step 2: Redesign of Application Architecture

I redesigned the application architecture to make a few changes that would hopefully address the issues that I identified during user testing (see below). With the new architecture, the home page gives users option to search by date, keyword, or category.

Below are the initial mock-ups (home screen, search results listing, and a single event screen) that would implement the new architecture while also addressing the other issues identified.

Home Screen:

Search results listing:

Single event screen:

Step 3: User interface redesign

The redesigned (left) and current (right) view of the Space 365 application home page:

Redesigned (left) and the current (right) view of the Space 365 application search results page:

The redesigned (left) and current (right) view of the Space 365 application single event page: