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Product support team as a resource

I am currently working on improving the user experience of a healthcare application, something that has proven to be an interesting and exciting project. At the start of the project, I wanted to evaluate the application and obtain information on the issues users were encountering. Unfortunately, we have no direct access to our users, which means we have no idea how they are using the application and what issues they are encountering.

Fortunately, we have a product support team that provides help to our users. Throughout the project I have been meeting with members of our product support team, and they have proved to be one of the best resources for me as a UX designer. Not only were they able to provide me with a detailed list of issues reported by users over the past few years, as well as lots of information about our users, they also had great ideas for how to improve our application.
For example, in the previous versions of our application, if users wanted to change their location, they had to click on the settings tab on the menu, and then click on the location tab.

Changing location in previous versions is a two clicks process

Our product support team suggested to link the “User Location” text directly to the location page. Now, with the help of our developers, this is a bit easier for users.

A small change, but for users who use the application throughout the day, this is a big improvement.

Product support teams can be a valuable resource, not just for your application users, but also for your in-house designers and developers!

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