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Little Things Matter

I was recently surprised to learn just how much little things matter when creating a seemingly small item on a website. Not long ago, I was given the task of creating a form that would enable users to add or delete specific section of the form. Below is my initial design:

Image showing a section of a form to add a slide

Some quick user testing, however, revealed that my design was encouraging the user to delete a section, rather than create a new one, which was not our intent.  It appeared that having the “DELETE” button centered and within a darker background resulted in users gravitating to it, even when it wasn’t the function they wanted.  Conversely, the “ADD NEW” button (no background, flush to the left) seemed harder for users to locate.

To resolve this issue, we made a few changes:

Image of improved form interface

These changes made the “ADD NEW” button the main action, and downgraded the “DELETE” button to a secondary action.  Small change, very different user experience.

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