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Apple’s iOS6 Questionable Change

A few weeks ago, I finally updated my iPhone 4S with the new operating system, iOS6. I quickly discovered many new features, most of which enhanced my experience as a user.  However, one particular change has made me question Apple’s understanding of the user experience. My iPhone is my main communication device.  Therefore, when I am away from my desk, battery life is my biggest concern.  I always try to close any applications or settings that might drain my battery. This includes turning off my “Location Services” when not using it.

In iOS 5, “Location Services” lived under “Settings” as one of the top menu items on the screen. With two taps I could easily turn it off:

Screenshot of Location Services in iOS5

However, in iOS6, the “Location Services” has been moved under “Privacy,” which is the ninth item on the main “Settings” page. To turn off “Location Services” now, I need to scroll down, tap on the “Privacy” menu item, tap on “Location Services,” and tap to turn it off:

Screenshot of Location Services in iOS6

That means four steps to turn “Location Services” off instead of only two. This is a big difference considering I and other users likely turn Location Services on or off more than once a day. It makes me wonder what Apple’s User Experience designers were thinking.

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