Improving Form Interaction – Integrating Help

A few months ago, I read “Web Form Design” by Luke Wroblewski, and then had the opportunity to hear him speak at the UI16 conference. I was hooked on what he had to say because, for the last three years, I have been responsible for designing web forms for a large-scale website. Part of my work is to enhance user experience and improve form submission rates. As Luke puts it “…forms make or break the most crucial online interactions” for user activities such as checkout, registration, and data input. Continue reading

Case Study: The Importance of User Testing

A recent project of mine involved the development of a new internal application for thousands of users within an agency to create and publish their curriculum vitas (CV). The development team was small – just three developers, one designer (me), and two project managers. I began by meeting with the developers and project managers to obtain the specific requirements for this application. I then created the static mock-ups and, following the approval of these mock-ups by the project manager, the developers built the application. Continue reading